Welcome to the 36th World Service Convention of Cocaine Anonymous. Our theme for this Convention is “Deep in the Heart of Recovery.” We believe this year’s program offers a variety of activities, events and programming focusing on sobriety, fellowship, step-work and fun. Our primary purpose at this Convention, as with any other Cocaine Anonymous function, is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. We also desire to work toward the continued growth of C.A. throughout our ever-expanding C.A. world, as well as our own personal recovery, by sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other. You are invited to join us so that we can continue to grow and recover together.

On behalf of the South Central Texas Area of C.A., the entire Southwest Region, C.A. World Services and its Boards and committees, and our entire CAWS 2022 planning committee, we invite you to come join us in Austin for a four day event which you will surely remember throughout your recovery. We have planned something for everyone and we encourage you to come in on Wednesday night or even Thursday morning to be able to enjoy all that we have been planning over these past Seven years since we were awarded the bid.

Please be sure to click each of the tabs in the above menu to obtain additional information about the program, hotel, activities, Austin and more.

Thanks to each of you for allowing us to be of service to the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous.