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Hello Again, my like-minded friends. Hope all are well and we are staying safe and healthy. We are announcing today that the CAWS 2021 Convention, originally CAWS 2020, is now officially CAWS 2022! Confused??? Please don’t be!
We are certainly grateful for the opportunity to continue to work on the event that will be held in Austin, Texas on Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-30, 2022.

Stick with us, Y’all! More will be revealed. Registrations will be transferred and we will announce when it is time to rebook your rooms at the Hyatt. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need any additional information, please call/text me at 512-699-8002.

Again, the CAWS 2022 Committee thanks you all for your continued support of our World Convention. Without you, none of this would be possible.
In love and service,
The Entire CAWS 2022 Steering Committee